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How To Use Uvii's Mobile App: A Beginners Guide

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

What is Uvii?

Uvii is a mobile engagement and evaluation tool for students and instructors to collaborate in and out of the traditional classroom setting. Post questions, quizzes, resources, videos, and documents to a social-media style "home feed".

It's hard to remember a time before many students were learning from home. Distance learning has become a common saying, which means, essentially, go on Zoom for 8 hours a day.

If you're part of the millions of students and instructors taking courses online or teaching hybrid, you might want to consider Uvii. The app is a great way to ask students questions directly with push notifications, make announcements and even post slides/homework. Plus, you can ask students to collaborate, and respond with audio, video, and text through Uvii's patented Action Command Messaging.

Additionally, it's a phenomenal platform for micro-assessments. understanding what students learned day after day or week after week. With customized surveys - ask anything! But to make engagement easy, use one of Uvii's summary surveys to quickly check-in with students.


Home Feed

Once completing your profile on Uvii, the Home Feed will open. You can always find this feed by clicking the “Home” icon on the lower left hand corner. The Home Feed is the first screen that will appear each time you open the app. The Home Feed hosts all course posts for a selected course. The posts are listed chronologically, with the most recent appearing at the top. When instructors create posts, questions, surveys, or resources, they are shared here. Student questions will also appear in the home feed. When you have made a post, it will appear at the top of the home feed for students to respond and submit their answers.

You can flip between courses at the top of the screen by tapping the down arrow “v” and selecting the desired course. You will also see the video, audio, and text comments on any posts simply by tapping the post. Both instructors and students need The home feed format is to mimic a social media outlet such as Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok for convenience, accessibility, and familiarity with online learning via a mobile device.

Home Feed How Tos:


Create Page

The “Create Page” on Uvii’s mobile app is where instructors control what to share with students both in and outside of course. Like posting an image or video to Instagram, instructors can share pictures and videos, either taken in the moment or uploaded. Instructors click the “+ create” icon and are prompted with options listed below:

Library: Upload photos from course directly from your camera roll straight to the Uvii course home feed. These can explainer videos, or any other resources for students. Learn more.

Survey: Post surveys to quiz student comprehension and assess engagement. Surveys can be customized or summary “check-ins” to connect with students regularly. Learn more.

Video: Share video recording of yourself or resources you would like the course to know such as an assignment. Learn more.

Photo: Upload photos, pictures of slides, notes, or other pictures in real-time. Learn more.

Document: You can quickly upload and share documents that are uploaded through your android or iCloud drive through Uvii as a string or to the course home feed following the same steps and procedures as posting a survey, video, or photo. Learn more.



The dashboard is a summary of all the posts, contacts, courses, and surveys you have or created thus far. You, as the instructor can toggle between the courses to view your posts through the dashboard. Find instructors and students under the contacts tab of the dashboard, where you search for individuals by username, full name, phone number, or email. Add or join courses that you will be teaching or taking for the semester/school year.

Under the dashboard you can access your custom or summary surveys, which are sorted by daily, weekly, monthly, and drafts. Under the daily, weekly, and monthly sections, you can view the responses students have submitted to each question. Under drafts you have the option to edit your previously saved custom or summary survey and when ready share it to a course or as a string adding a post caption, selecting the type of comments/responses (audio, video, and/or text) allowed, and having the option to making students responses only visible to the instructor.

Learn more:

  • Add students and instructors to your course

  • Join an existing course (Access Code)


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