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How to Check Notifications

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Notifications provide users convenience as they are notified when an action they need to complete or see related to their interest is posted. Uvii provides notifications to both instructors and students, notifying them when action can be taken by tapping straight on the notification appearing on their mobile device.

When an instructor posts a prompt to the home feed, students will be notified of what has been posted whether it is a post or a survey. Similarly, when a student comments on any particular post or survey, the instructor will be notified that the student has commented on their post. One way students and instructors can receive notifications are through push notifications.

Follow the steps below to receive and open push notifications:

Video: How to Receive Push Notifications

Open Settings

Tap the settings icon on your mobile device and scroll down until you see the Uvii application

Select the Uvii app and tap notifications

Allow Notifications

After opening the notifications section, tap the white circle to allow push notifications straight to your home and lock screens.

Now, Uvii can send you push notifications relating to posts, comments, surveys, and micro-assessments directly to your home and lock screens

Open Push Notification

When you receive a push notification, tap the notification and it will direct you to the appropriate screen to complete the task at hand.

Another way students and instructors can view notifications is through the Uvii mobile app. Follow the steps below to easily check and select notifications within the Uvii application

Video: How to Check Notifications in the App

Tap Bell

After opening the Uvii App, tap the bell in the top left

If there are unopened notifications, there will be a number on the top left of the bell letting you know how many unopened notifications you have

Select Specific Notification

To see a particular comment to a post, click the notification with the student’s comment you would like to see and their response will appear attached to that post

To go back and look at other notifications, tap the “<” in the top left which will take you back to the notification center

Manage and Clear Notifications

When you have too many notifications and need to clear some from your notification center, tap “CLEAR” in the top right

Uvii will ask you to confirm that you want to remove all notifications in the notifications center which will delete all your current notifications giving one a clean slate

Once confirmed, there will be no notifications found in the center and you can start receiving a fresh batch of new notifications that will appear in this location when appropriate


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