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How to Join A Course (For Instructors)

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Once an instructor signs up with Uvii, he and/or she can add courses to their account. Like a learning management system (LMS), Uvii's system separates all your different courses/sections an instructor has created. Whether as an instructor or a student, each course you create or join has a unique access code that will provide the instructor and students Uvii's engagement and collaboration tools.

Video: How to Invite Students to a Course

Add Courses

There is no limit to the number of courses an instructor can add. After accessing your first course and signing into your account, go to the dashboard and tap courses.

All courses you have created will appear under the courses tab in the dashboard. To add a new course to your profile, tap the green “Add Course” button.

From there, search for the course you want to add or select your course from the selection below. If you do not see your course listed, tap “add courses here” and type your course name.

Invite Students and Instructors

Once you have added your course, invite students and instructors to access your content.

Under courses on the dashboard, tap the square with the pencil in the dashboard to complete these tasks.

When inviting an instructor and/or student, set an expiration date for the invitation for them to join by and enter their email. They will be sent the access code to the course.

You can add multiple student emails at once making it convenient to send a blast invitation to all students in the course.

Join Courses

To join additional courses as an instructor, go to your dashboard and tap the green “Join Course” button below “Add Course”.

Enter the access code sent to you via email to the respected course you would like to join and select “Use Code”.

Manage Courses

After adding all of your respected courses, you can go to the home feed and select the top bar to drop down all your courses. Select the course you want to view and posted content from that course will appear.

By taping the square with the pencil in the dashboard under the courses tab, You can edit the course name, save any changes made, and/or delete the course.

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