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Engage students on mobile

Increase student participation in and outside of class while measuring engagement

Designed to reach and engage all students, Uvii is built for accessibility.

There is a reason why Uvii is built for mobile. Like professionals, students need access to course material and instructors need to reach students on the go with real-time questions and direct notifications.

Uvii seamlessly integrates with your course through easy student onboarding and engagement monitoring on our online portal. Engagement and quizzes count toward participation and assessment which integrates with your LMS.

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Uvii platform features

Action Command Messaging

Mobile Course Management

Micro-assessments and scheduled surveys

Online Portal and Student Analytics


Participation and Engagement

On average instructors use participation and engagement through Uvii for 15% of their course grade.

Case Study

Medgar Evers College,

City University of New York (CUNY)

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