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Why Uvii?

Uvii delivers IT Services and communication solutions to enhance understanding across silos.  

We Reach Students Where They Are

Students do not have enough access to course content or engage with teachers without laptops and high-speed internet. With a social-media-style interface, Uvii mimics a feeling of Instagram or TikTok, where instructors notify students directly to respond to questions, post content, and complete micro-assessments. 


Our choice to design a mobile-first platform is based on the trend that smartphone ownership is increasing (83%) vs. desktop ownership is decreasing (72%) in American homes, and access to high-speed internet is often a barrier.


of young Americans prefer mobile devices over desktops (Pew Research)

We Reduce Barriers

Traditional broadband can be slow and expensive. The roughly 25% of Americans who opt not to subscribe to broadband are 80% more likely to be considered low-income or minority populations. Connection to content that does not rely on high-speed internet reduces the digital divide. 


of Americans do not have broadband internet access at home

(New York Times)

We Actively Engage Students

Our learning philosophy centers around active and engaged learning.  Uvii increases student engagement and provides a class participation tool that proves students are learning in real-time.


Uvii's multimedia commenting queue enables students to reply and view the curriculum and collaborate virtually with hand on remote learning and patented technology, Action Command Messaging (ACM), to directly prompts students to respond to create active learning environments anywhere.


of students are more likely to graduate when engaged in class (GoLearn, Merrill Lynch)

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