Uvii captures
data and measures outcomes 


Engaged in and out of class or the office.

Increase retention and track engagement instantly. 

Active Engagement Home Feed

Uvii uses a social media-style newsfeed to post content. Responses can be in the form of video, audio, and text.

Institutions need to know how their students learn on mobile devices
With Uvii's web-based instructor portal and analytics dashboard:
  • Track students individualized learning patterns in real-time

  • Video verification of student remotely with timed notification response

  • Offer interactive learning to mimic Q&A in traditional classroom settings

  • Ability to increase student retention through engagement tools

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Action Command Messaging (ACMs)

Uvii's technology uses Action Command Messaging or ACM is a patented virtual collaboration system and method that shares text messages to video capture and audio record screen.  When prompted users respond to a question, survey, topic, or action item posted.


Mobile Course Management

Easily switch between courses taught in the app, view student profiles, scheduled posts, and upcoming surveys.

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Micro-Assessments and Scheduled Surveys

Check-In with organically with pre-made or custom surveys to check comprehension, student confidence, and success levels. Assessments can be on specific material or scheduled surveys.


Online Portal and Analytics

Track posts, responses, engagement, and assessment on the online portal. The portal allows you to seamlessly view productivity, gain understanding, and predict outcomes all in one place. 

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