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Engage Your Students.

Uvii was a recent recipient of the VELA Education Foundation "Meet the Moment" grant. This is a fully-funded case study to support  K-12 school districts in the most “at need” communities.


Our mission is to close the digital divide gap by building efficacy around mobile learning accessibility and virtual evaluation tools. 


This opportunity will include:

  • Free access to our mobile app and online portal to track student success 

  • Training for teachers, students, and parents 

  • Stipends & gift cards 

If you are interested in partnering to support K-12th-grade students, teachers, and their families please complete the form below:

A Note from VELA:

VELA Education Fund will support innovative, out-of-system, student-centric opportunities
Meet the Moment grant program provides fast grants in response to COVID learning disruptions


With millions of students facing school disruptions this fall, the newly launched VELA Education Fund announced a $1 million Meet the Moment grant program to support families, educators, and innovators building and leading innovative initiatives to support continued student learning. The launch of the VELA Education Fund comes as polls show six in 10 parents with at least one child in K-12 are likely to pursue at-home learning options instead of sending back their children this fall.

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