Track and measure user engagement.

Uvii puts all your communication and data in one place

Uvii helps to increase active engagement and track productivity in real-time using Action Command Messaging (ACM) and data analytics.

Most of the information we receive on a daily basis we don’t retain. Either we record the data or it gets lost. It’s difficult to measure data or predict outcomes using multiple platforms to communicate

Uvii has built enterprise solutions to help your employees and customers communicate better, capture data, and measure outcomes in real-time all in one place. Uvii offers analytic software for product and white label SaaS with group communication across silos. Our patented virtual collaboration system and method delivers real-time analytics using sole-source technology called Action Command Messaging  (ACM). A one-touch solution to capture command-driven data using video, audio, and text AI-enhanced responses for posts, surveys, and polling. 


A low lift high reward infrastructure modernization

Generate actionable data 24/7 to optimize user effectiveness with an admin portal customizable for your needs

Utilize a multi-tenant admin portal to target company affairs, professional development, and careers services communications

Export data analytics to other networks, PDF, CSV, and Cloud formats

Uvii Platform Features


Mobile Course Management


Action Command Messaging


Online Portal Data Analytics