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Filling in the Gray

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Composed by: Kara Vohra

After almost four years, strenuous rejections, and overcoming prominent tech patent inventors, Uvii is patented sole source technology, a virtual collaboration system & method for command-driven data, engagement, and evaluation. On March 2nd, 2021, the United States Patent & Trademark Office USPTO published Uvii’s founder and CEO Kimberly Gray’s patent for a virtual collaboration system and method (US Patent number 10939186), called Action Command Messaging.


Action Command Messaging is a tool prominently tasked in bridging the divide in communication between student and instructor, but what is it? Action Command Messaging shares text to the video capture screen of a computing device in real-time to create a plurality of response. Which are shared in an All-in-One Commenting Queue with video, audio, and text reply options. All of the post and response data analytic is tracked on the online portal for instructors to evaluate performance and productivity. Uvii (Universal Video Instructional Interface) is a SaaS provider for engagement and evaluation on mobile devices with patented sole source technology using a virtual collaboration method Action Command Messaging (ACM), and productivity tracking dashboard data analytics. In simpler words, Action Command Messaging is here to combat students and instructors with the mobile, real-time channels of communication through various media (video, audio, text, etc.), something no other software can provide.


Over two hundred years ago, a woman named Judy Reed from Washington D.C. became the first Black female to receive a patent for "Dough Kneader and Roller.” In 2018, our CEO, Kimberly Gray, followed the grace of Black excellence that preceded her and patented Action Command Messaging. Kimberly, who is coincidentally the daughter of two Washington D.C. public school principals, saw a gray area in the technology industry where the bounds of education and social media grasp of social media collide. There had to be an easier way for professors and pupils to touch base without our regular channels’ hassle and timelessness.

Dough kneading, indeed on Kimberly’s part. To learn more about Kimberly’s story, click here.


The possibilities of this type of software are endless. Our communication interface is a forum for virtual collaboration that allows users to create original short-form content by sharing text through a video capture screen and responding to posts with video responses. The media platform enables users to direct other users to create virtual collaborated content regarding a particular subject and post the collaborated content on the virtual collaboration platform. The distribution of this content comprises but is not limited to video submissions, video responses, audio submissions, text replies, document upload, library upload, picture capture, reality-style documentary video content, social curriculum collaboration, more specifically, virtual collaboration. A virtual partnership may be created using template formats such as, but are not limited to, music video, series, reality, video podcast, branded content (advertisements), learning and training-based curriculum, and the like.

What is Uvii trying to accomplish with this software? Well, look at the generations today who have social media at their very tips. Let’s look at Instagram posts, for example, why can Gen Z easily manipulate and post out hours of content on platforms like Instagram instead of the time it takes, perhaps Millenials? The answer, according to Ebbinghaus, lies in the forgetting curve, stimulated by social training. Social training is when the repetition of a task is so normalized, it feels like second nature. Imagine if submitting an assignment was as convenient as making a Tiktok comment? Handy, right? We know.


What does Uvii plan to do with this software? With our current regulations, Uvii has been relentless in its pursuit of bridging the divide post-pandemic and overall bringing ease to the mobile learning world. The user has creativity right at their fingertips when it comes to the versatility of this software. This software can be used for Plugin to LMS and other networks (Google Classroom), MOOCs, Certificate Courses, Corporate Training, Brands Market Research, Creating NFTs, etc. They can generate, publish, download, create, republish, support, or even command new content with the right figments in place (see patent). It should be understood, of course, that the preceding relates to exemplary embodiments of the invention and that modifications may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as outlined in the following claims. With Uvii, the sky is the limit.

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Thanks for the interesting article. Our company is constantly improving the software to facilitate the work of the personnel department.

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