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How to Upload a Photo

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Uvii’s photo option allows instructors to upload pictures of worksheets, homework assignments, and course notes. There are a variety of situations instructors can use Uvii’s photo option including...

Pre-Course: As an instructor, uploading photos before course starts will allow students to retrieve the necessary materials they will need to be fully prepared on that given day. Uploading a photo of an outline students will need prior to the beginning of course gives them an appropriate amount of time to print out all necessary materials before providing them the opportunity to efficiently learn

Synchronous Course: During course, if an instructor wants to share a graphic or chart with the course from the textbook, they are able to easily take a picture of it through their mobile device and upload it to the course home thread for all students to view.

Asynchronous Course: If your course is not live, uploading all the material students will need to succeed is vital. As an instructor, you can upload any materials (notes, worksheets, charts, photos, diagrams) through a picture that students can select and either download or screenshot to print out. Being able to post all the coursework students will need is simple through taking a photo through your mobile device and posting it to the course home feed when material is needed.

Post Course: After course is complete, uploading a photo of the notes/work you (instructor) took during that day will allow students who were unable to attend course or students who might have missed something you said to review and retain important concepts.

Below are steps on how to upload a photo using Uvii’s mobile app...

Video: Create and Post a Photo

Create your Photo

Open the Uvii app and click create “+ Create” button located in the middle of the menu bar at the bottom of your screen

Below the green “share survey” on the bottom, click the “photo” button that pops up between “video” and “document along the bottom black bar

Click the white button to take a picture of yourself or flip the camera to photograph a surrounding area

After you take your photo, you can retake the photo (click the “x” in the top left) or post it (click the “>” in the top right”)

Add a Caption and Tags to your Photo

Add a post caption and tags to explain what the photo displays, add any additional notes, or request students to respond to the photo

Hide Responses and Post to Course or as a String

Choose if you want to hide student responses as they are submitted and decide to post your photo to the course home feed or as a string sent to specific individuals

Manage Photos

If you want to quickly view posts you have shared, navigate to the dashboard feed on the bottom of your screen and select posts. You'll be able to see all posts you have created for each course.


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