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28 Days Later: How COVID-19 has changed the face of higher education

In March 2020, thousands of institutions of education shut their doors to all but essential business operations. Among the populations deemed nonessential were the students, forced to move out of dorms, but with the expectation of a return date in Spring 2020.

That expectation was lost quickly when announcements of fully remote semesters were announced when students were already quarantined at home. With questions about the future of their coursework, grades, activities, and commencement, institutions worked to maintain stability and create contingency plans for their learners.

What has the education community learned about remote learning in the wake of Coronavirus? Uvii’s CEO Kimberly Gray sat down to talk - remotely of course - to instructors, administration, and education technology leaders to better understand the remote learning ecosystem during Uvii's webinar “Creating Coronavirus Contingency Plans and the Value of Remote Learning.”

Let form fit function.

The phrase “form fits function” means the shape of something is designed for the job it is supposed to do. Ideally, education tools are designed with the end-user in mind when building key features. The easy UX/UI for students, the instructors’ needs for grading, and administrative control panels are all part of the process from design to implementation. But apparently.......

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