How to Create a Custom Survey

Creating custom surveys allow students to engage in their class, on the go, in any way a professor chooses. By designing a custom survey, a professor can ask students anything from, “What did you think about the new exercise we tried out in class today? Was it worth your time? Why or why not?” to a series of questions to summarize a lecture given in class on any day.

With a custom survey, professors have the freedom to choose what they ask as well as how many questions they ask their students.

This resource is valuable in summarizing classwork and gaining insight on students’ opinions.

Custom surveys also provide value for their ability to hide responses from other students to prioritize privacy and encourage honest feedback. Students are also able to respond through video, audio, and text comments to further allow for accessibility in the use of this function.

Incorporating “Custom Surveys” into your class can look like this:

  • Asking students how they are understanding and working through coursework before beginning class to ensure that all students are on the same page or to assess if any subject matter needs further attention.

  • Asking students’ opinions on new activities introduced to the class.

  • Asking students to recap questions after class to assess engagement and overall subject comprehension.

  • Asking students questions to count towards attendance or participation grades.

To use this feature on Uvii App follow these steps:

Video: Create Custom Survey

Create your post

Add a title and questions

Add tags and choose response types to your post

Post to your course

Manage surveys

Video: Create Custom Survey

Create your post

Begin by opening your Uvii App to the home screen. Ensure that you are logged into the correct account and in the correct course.

Select the “Create” button at the bottom of the page. This will direct you to the Custom Survey creation page.

Add a Title and Questions

Add a title, and at least one, but up to five questions in the text boxes to ask your class.

The example given shows three questions asked to summarize the Geometry class given on February 2nd, 2021

By pressing “share survey” you will be directed to a review page where you have the option to add a caption to the survey, add tags, and select the types of comments allowed to the post.

Add Tags and Choose Response Types to your Post

After your questions are finalized, add tags to the post to help organize the flow of the class’s posting feed

Before sharing, there are options to select the types of responses allowed under the survey and the option to hide to promote unbiased responses if desired.

Post to your Course

When the survey is up to your preferences, select either “Post to Course” or “Post as String.”

“Post to course” will share the survey with all students and instructors registered for the course. Students will receive push notifications that the survey has been shared.

“Post as string” allows you to select which students or instructors are able to see, respond to, and receive push notifications when the survey is shared.

When you select share, you will receive a pop-up post indicating that the post has been successfully posted.

Manage Surveys

If you want to view surveys you have shared or drafts, navigate to the dashboard feed on the bottom of your screen and select surveys. You'll be able to see all the surveys you have created for each course and edit your saved drafts.