Increase Student Learning Objectives

(SLOs) on mobile 

Institutions need to know how their students learn on mobile devices
With Uvii's web-based instructor portal and analytics dashboard:
  • Track students individualized learning patterns in real-time

  • Video verification of student remotely with timed notification response

  • Offer interactive learning to mimic Q&A in traditional classroom settings

  • Ability to increase student retention through engagement tools

Instructors post to engage and assess students 
Benefits to Instructors:
  • Quickly assess students in real-time

  • Reach students with notifications directly related to lessons

  • Host virtual office hours

  • Micro-assessments to track comprension

  • Survey templates to filp curriculum to mobile

  • Personalize feedback directly to students and understand learning patterns

Students respond directly to instructors 
Benefits for students:
  • Real-time, interactive engagement with course materials

  • Synchronous and asynchronous learning capabilities

  • Increased accessibility with 100% of learning on mobile devices

  • Access to instructor and peer resources in a user-friendly environment

Uvii's uses a familiar social media style newsfeed to:
  • Post questions/comments and assessments relevant to course lessons to achieve Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

  • Engage students with Action Command Messaging (ACMs) and instant notifications

  • Request students submit responses  with video, audio, or text

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