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Download directions for Uvii Early Adopters

Welcome to Uvii's Beta

Uvii's mobile platform is the best way for students and instructors to engage virtually. Uvii's app is still in it's Beta (meaning we are still working to design a great platform with your help). To access the platform, please follow the steps below:

For iOS

  1. First download Testflight here

  2. Once Testflight is downloaded to your iOS device, join with to download Uvii.

  3. Open Testflight and Tap “start testing”IOS Build Version:2.1.1 or the latest build. 

  4. Once on the app, use the unique access code you received via email from your instructor to create an account or sign in. 

For Android

  1. Follow the instructions in this link.

  2. Once on the app, use the individual "Access Code" emailed to you by your instructor to create an account or sign in on the application. This will take you to your specific institution and course on Uvii.

Further Support

Uvii is available for contact at to address any additional information.

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